What to wear during an interview

You finally received the call for a face-to-face interview but you were left with a dilemma of what to wear. A suit is naturally the safest way to go but bear in mind that organizations’ dress code differs from the other. Here are a few tips you can follow:

ASK – Ask the person who called or emailed you for an interview to what type of attire do they prefer, in that way you know what their dress code is.

DO NOT BE TOO CASUAL – You might get an impression that the interview is casual you can wear a decent pair of dark jeans and a polo shirt. No ripped jeans or grubby shoes please leave those at home.

‘BIG BLINGS’ ARE NOT ALLOWED – Do not accessorize too much, a watch for men and an earring for ladies will be enough. The key does not go overboard.

HAIR – For men please make sure you cut your hair before the interview and for ladies, a sleek ponytail or properly groomed hair leaves an effect that you are serious about the job.

CONSIDER COLOR  – Avoid flashy colors stick with neutrals and dark, if you want to add color make sure to use it as an accent. However, if the organization is a high-end fashion industry use your best snazzy outfit.

BE MODEST – This is mostly for ladies, please no plunging necklines, no see-through shirts or dress. Remember first impression last.

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