About us

About Our Company

Professionals all over the globe have boundless potential, vast sets of skills and peerless enthusiasm to find their true vocation in life. The challenge for most of these people is finding the right employer or corporation that fits their skills and interests.

This is where we come in to help and guide them to the right direction. United is a licensed staffing firm committed to assist and guide every Filipino. We cater to both the professionals (job seekers) and the definitive corporations (employers). We make the process and transition of connecting both parties easier and smoother through permanent placement and temporary placement positions for multiple organizations across all industry sectors.

For over 8 years, we have had a high success rate with matching competent and qualified professionals to small or large corporations that fit their skills and interests.

Corporations depend on our acclaimed capability to place the right professional that fits their need and help boost their business as a whole.

We follow a strict rule of conduct and are devoted to promoting our high quality of standards of excellence and professionalism within a legal, ethical, cost-efficient and timely manner. We pride in producing a consistent quality of service through the strong advocacy of our core values.

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To become the most distinguished and leading human resource provider in Jordan and globally that produces highly reliable and dependable professional services to take pride in.


We stand by our organization’s standards as it makes effective recruitment easier and more impact on the organization’s success, especially for each individual’s career. Our core values are the mold for how we should act and guides us daily in everything we do.


Our firm exists to provide competent and professional Indians the opportunity for a better future by helping and advising them through their employment process. so they can finally reach their dreams and experience success in life.

We uphold and promote the highest possible standards of excellence and professionalism in a legal, ethical, cost-effective and timely manner across our recruitment practices. We strictly comply with the policies of our clients and government authorities in Qatar & other countries. Thus, ensuring that the provision of manpower fits seamlessly with the operation of our clients. We are dedicated to build a long-term relationship and securing the success of our clients and our candidates without compromising our core values.

Our Commitment

How We Do it

Most corporations know that they need the right professionals for the right seats but it is crucial and challenging how to do it. United takes care of ‘how’ for you. We seek to understand your requirements and we clearly define outcomes for a position that fits into the greater objectives of the organization.
  • Requisition Intake

    Partnering with our corporate clients, we develop a vacancy profile to fill our client personnel requirements. If advertising is mutually agreed, Medmac team creates the design and media approach to attain the maximum exposure and response success for your advertising investment.

  • Hunt and Attract

    With or without advertising, our team supports the recruitment process with a thorough database search, networking and social media presence, staffing agency partners, referrals, and headhunting if requested into the appropriate industry. If and when requested, international campaigns can be arranged. Managing the interview campaigns internationally involves fine-tuned logistics which we have developed and can be customized fit to client needs.

  • Collect and Select

    We receive all applications, screen and pre-qualify candidates, provide short-listed résumés, and manage the interview process.

  • Employ and Deploy

    We receive and present the employment offers and at times negotiate specific items. We assist candidates with pre-hiring requisites processing and mobilization incoming to Doha, Qatar. Candidates are oriented about the organization, the corporate and cultural climate, and all specifics to the requirements.

  • Continual Aftercare

    All through the recruitment process and afterward, our team will assist and support you. At the same time, we will ensure a smooth transition both before and once the candidate has been successfully placed. We are glad to be in contact as much as you feel is necessary during the early period of any placement.

    United is dedicated to securing the success of your organization and we are certain that once you have experienced our professional service, it will be a start of a long-term and rewarding relationship for years to come.